Director/ Owner Message

Director/ Owner Message

Who We Are

  • تاريخ النشر: 2020-08-28 22:19

Dear parents and students,
On behalf of everyone at Academy High School, we take the pride in spreading our futuristic educational vision that is committed to providing a high quality of diverse experiences that integrate the latest instructive programs and technology into our curriculum to serve a multi-cultural student body.

Our mission is to equip students with skills to perform problem-solving creatively and with integrity, to have well-balanced attitudes and to serve the community with compassion. We do encourage our students to become initiative thinkers, to be open-minded and listen to others with respect; moreover, they are stimulated to be principled and balanced, to show curiosity and enjoy learning, to have confidence and show caring and to be effective communicators who think and reflect about themselves and others.

We, Academy High School, are pleased to announce our membership with NESA educational organization that strives to serve member schools by facilitating sustainable and systematic school improvement based on the best practices of American and International education.

As a school designed for only 400 students, we believe that the heart of our school is not the program or the campus; it is the cohesive bond between parents, staff, and students, as they actively engage in the learning process. We encourage parents' participation and deeply value their comments and suggestions. Our website and media pages are rich vivid imagery and clear indications of what we do.

Warm Regards,
Mr Ali Tarhini